Fate of the Witch




Rainelle Sterling couldn't wait to move from the small town where she grew up, to the big city of Nashville to pursue her passion for singing. Her music teacher persuaded her to make a demo CD.

When John Slate offered her a job with a place to live on music roll in Nashville, the opportunity was too good to pass up.

Against her mother’s wishes, Rainelle packed and moved to the neon city with no regrets, leaving her old life behind to start a new.

She was on top of the world, new friends, a singing career, and a new relationship. But when she returns home for Christmas, her world crashed down on her setting a rift in her family, causing her to run back in the arms of a man her family hardly knew and already despised.

After returning to Nashville, the life she dreamed of quickly turned into a nightmare. After devastation hits her family, Rainelle loses part of herself. But when heartache, lies, and betrayal wreak havoc in Nashville leaving her broken, she learns to smile through tears as she returns home.

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