Ghost of Raven Farm

When Abigail Cooper was looking for her forever home, she never expected to find a 150-year old farmhouse with acreage in a small town in Indiana. It called to her the instant she laid eyes on it.

The house rested on large logs that have withstood years of families. The cellar dug by hand was made of dirt walls and large stones.

Abigail knew she had to have the house, it was a rarity that she even found a home with acreage for such a low price, it was a steal. She listened intently as the owner reminisced her life stories before disclosing the history of the two-story home.

Abigail knew with the rich history, it was meant to be, but the old woman left vital information to herself, taking it to her grave and for a good reason.

Abigail eagerly waited to move in. Months after she had settled into her life as a homeowner, she starts to remodel the home, bringing it back to the glory it once was. Abigail never imagined, nor prepared herself for the horrors that haunt the home.

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