Black Mountain

A Paranormal Mystery

Black Mountain,
A Paranormal Mystery

Short Story

Black Mountain a standalone novelette and a one sit read. Suitable for teen and young adult.

Jade Sierra is an Immortal disaster. After moving to a new town, while exploring an old cemetery, she finds herself running for her life after she stumbles upon a dead body outside the iron wall fence. Now she is on a mission to find the killer before they strike again.

Abandoned as a young child,  Jade Sierra lived on the streets in the small town of Golden Pond, Ky. But after a Vampire attack, she was left for dead until a thousand-year-old Vampire named Jewel found her.  

Jade has spent her life living with Immortals and Shapeshifters. She has hidden her true identity from the human race.  But when suspicions rise in the small town, Jewel moves her Immortal family to Black Mountain, NC.

Just when Jade thought being uprooted was the worst that could happen, she learns she is dead wrong. When she stumbles upon a dead body, she is in for a rude awaking. Now with Black Mountain starting to grow suspicious of the newcomers, Jade must learn everything about the murderer before they strike again.

Jade must help the first murder victim get justice so she can be rid of him. But is she strong enough to go against something she knows nothing about?

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