Releasing 2021


Tale of a succubus

By Raven Moon

  Being a Succubus Witch isn’t easy but Taryn Clarke’s life wasn't easy. After fleeing Europe, she found herself living in the foothills of Kentucky where she co-owned an underground club for Immortals. Taryn must keep her identity secret from humans and Immortals, but no amount of magick can hide the truth for long. After the death of her sister, she knew no cop would investigate because the local and state police were paid well for their silence.

Now she is left to find the killer before they find her. With the help from Dax, a 700-year-old Wereleopard Vampire, they'll seek the truth, but can Taryn keep her lust for Dax under control or will he be her downfall in the Cresent City? 

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