Sometimes Fate and Destiny don’t align.

Sometimes you must kick Fate’s ass to get the Destiny you deserve.

Vengeful Hearts

Fate of the Witch 

Book 2

Rainelle Sterling vowed revenge against the Werewolves and any Supernatural creature that stood in her way. Now that the word is out that she maimed a Werewolf causing his death, the leader is more determined for her head on a spike as he waits for the right time to attack.

With Trevor and Sage protecting her loved ones, Samuel and Rainelle take to the underground river beneath the Smoky Mountains. Where she finds herself in The Forbidden Caverns, quickly learning the reason her mother kept her away.

The more time she spends in the abyss, the more she learns to channel the elements. Her magic grows stronger by the day leaving her to wonder if she controls it or if it controls her.

Rainelle soon finds herself fighting not only for her life but for Samuel and Sage. As new threats wait, new dangers lurk, hidden in the shadows of the abyss. When Lucian shows up, he brings the dead with him.

As secrets reveal themselves, Rainelle learns she possesses more than magick, and something deadly, something that the entire Supernatural world fear. Just when she thought she was safe, a new Evil rise, leaving her to call forth the dark magick deep in her soul, no matter the cost.

Rainelle must learn to fight to survive and survive to fight, not only for herself but for the people she loves. With a one-track mind, she pushes her fear deep inside letting her vengeance guide her while she seeks her revenge is to drain the blood of the ones who bestowed horror onto her family.

The Werewolves brought war; she'll reign down the fire.

In this mind-bending mystical thriller, there’s love, angst, and majestic wonder. Will Rainelle give in to the dark forces of revenge or will she escape to find some sibilance of normalcy?


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